Evansville Brewing Brands

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Falls City

Drummond Bros

Eagle Malt Liquor


Craft Brewed Beers:



Blue Ridge, White Ridge and Red Ridge Lagers
State Street
Hoosier Red
New Frontier
The 12 Brews of the World

Exported Beers:


Beer Characteristics :


Lager derives from the German verb lagern (to store). German Monks used their bier in mountain caves during summer months.
Pilsner These are named after the excellent beer brewed in Pilsen, Czechosovakia, for the past 700 years. The term became generic, but the finest example remains Pilsner Urquell from Pilsen. Both types are pale in color, relatively light in body, crisp and with dry, effervescent tastes. European pilsners are, among other things, more distinctly hoppy than American lagers.
Ale Often referred to as "bitter" in England-can range in color from amber to ruby to off-brown and sometimes even darker. As a rule, they are heavier-bodied than all but the most Germanic dark lagers and a fews other brews, and have a firmer hop flavor and aroma in balance with their maltiness.
Porter Originally a local London product, that, legend has it, was much favored by porters. A kind of hybrid beer-dark brown, it is as heavy as most ales but less hoppy and has the intense maltiness one finds in stouts. Today porter is made in the ale tradition by England's Samuel Smith Brewery and as a lager most other places.
Stout The darkest, richest, maltiest of all regularly produced beers. This is usually modified by a pronounced hoppy taste, but not always, a few stouts being definitely on the sweet side.
Malt liquor Describes beers that eceed the legal alcoholic levels - 5 percent in the United States-of that nation. They are most often made as lagers, but the American version can be either sweetish or more bitter than traditional lagers.
Dark Beers At least those on the Continent-are also lagers. They are usually heavier in taste, sweeter, more malty and aromatic than light lagers. Germany's bock beers are fabled examples of this category at its lustiest level of color, strength and body weight.

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