History of the Evansville Brewing Company

The brewery was founded as the Fulton Avenue Brewery in 1862 by John Hartmetz.

The Evansville Brewery has grown to become the 12th largest brewer in the United States, producing over 500,000 barrels annually. The Evansville Brewing Company sells beer both domestically and internationally.

Sixteen breweries graced the river town of Evansville in 1862, competing for the thirsty trade of this bustling port. One small brewery, that was first set up on the banks of the Ohio, was taken over by noted brewmaster John Hartmetz in 1877.

Hartzmetz guided the young brewery through the "Great Beer Wars" of the 1890s. It then became a large regional brewery with a national reputation for quality, producing its famous Sterling brand.

Through the hard years of prohibition, the "Sterling Brewery" developed techniques to survive, and continued to grow while keeping traditional quality practices intact.

During WWII, the brewery welcomed the boys home on leave with ice cold beer, and provided jobs for the veterans when it was over.

The Sterling Brewery continued to grow, and became part of brewing giant G. Heilmann Company of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. In 1988 the brewery returned to local ownership and became known as Evansville Brewing Company.

And the tradition continues . . .

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