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Evansville Brewing Company Products

Evansville Brewing Company brews and packages a variety of malt beverages including a premium lager beer, premium amber beer, regular American lager beers, light beers, non-alcoholic beers, malt liquors, and various specialty beers.

Premium/Super Premium

Hoosier Red (Red Lager)
New Frontier (Organic)
Birell Non-Alcholic

Note: Evansville Brewing Company has recently created a Specialty Beer Division to create and market specialty products under various trademarks.

Birell was awarded the Gold Medal as the Best Non-Alcoholic Beer at the 1993 Great American Beer Festival.

Popular Brands

Wiedeman/Wiedeman Light
Sterling/Sterling Light/Sterling NA
Falls City/Falls City Light
Drewrys/Drewrys Light
Cooks/Cooks Light
Drummons Bros./Drummond Bros. Light/Drummond Bros. NA
Eagle Beer/Eagle Malt Liquor

Drummond Bros. was awarded the Gold Medal as the Best American Lager Beer at the 1993 Great American Beer Festival.

Private Labels

Brigade/Brigade Light/Brigade NA(Walgreen Chain)
Lemp/Lemp Light (National Food Stores)
Drewry's (Albertson's)
Drummond Bros./DB Light/DB NA (Grand Union) (Smiths)
Drummond Bros./DB Light/DB NA (Daiei - Japan's largest chain)
Cook's/Cook's Light (Cotto-Argentina chain)
Eagle Beer (World of Beer - Japan chain)

A number of other private labels are under development for major American and international chains.

Packag ing Capabilities

The Evansville Brewing Company has an annual brewing capacity of 1.2 million barrels and the following packaging capabilities:




12/12 oz. pak 24/12 oz. long neck non-returnable 1/2 barrels
24/12 oz. loose pak 24/12 oz. heritage non-returnable 1/4 barrels
24/16 oz. loose pak 12/16 oz. long neck non-returnable
24/12 oz. 4/6 paks 12/40 oz. non-returnable
24/16 oz. 4/6 paks 12/32 oz. non-returnable
12/22 oz. non-returnable
24/12 oz. returnable long neck
24/12 2/12 non-returnable Mod II
24/12 oz. 4/6 non-returnable Mod II

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